Senior Digital Strategist

Esteban Rodriguez-Vazquez

Esteban joined TNR Campaigns as a Senior Digital Strategist in September of 2019. Prior, he worked as a Senior Digital Strategist at BreakSomething where he worked primarily with federal Democratic incumbents and candidates with scientific backgrounds, helping transform a political start-up into a bustling digital firm. Before that, he worked as a Digital Writer at Well & Lighthouse and authored copy for a range of Senators and the now Speaker of the House.


Esteban identifies himself as a proud Puerto Rican progressive. He got his start in politics in Texas where he worked on his first campaign as a finance assistant with Pete Gallego for Congress after graduating from Trinity University. In addition to writing and strategizing, Esteban is a self-taught painter and self-taught graphic designer as well as a former collegiate springboard diver.


If he were a contestant on The Great British Bake Off, he would make it to the top 6 for sheer comedic value but likely be eliminated after bread week (hit him up for his now declassified cheesy bread recipe).