Joe Trippi

Heralded on the cover of The New Republic as the man who “reinvented campaigning,” Joe Trippi has been at the forefront of movement politics for nearly 40 years. Trippi began his political career working on Edward M. Kennedy’s presidential campaign in 1980 and has worked on numerous presidential, gubernatorial, senate, and congressional campaigns ever since.
Most recently, Trippi was a senior strategist on Doug Jones’ historic victory in Alabama, helping elect the first Democrat U.S. Senator in Alabama in 25 years. Trippi wrote the ads and helped build the campaign strategy which was recognized with 7 Reed Awards and 3 Pollie Awards, including the “Best in Show” award for a Democratic Campaign.
Trippi helped engineer a number of groundbreaking House victories for Representatives Ro Khanna, Tulsi Gabbard, Mark Takano, and Seth Moulton. In 2014, Trippi advised and produced the ads for Seth Moulton in one of the biggest upsets of the year, beating 18-year incumbent John Tierney. One ad, “Re-elect,” propelled Seth to victory and was named “the best […] of the primary ads.”
In 2010, Trippi was a senior strategist and media consultant in Jerry Brown’s successful run for California Governor. The campaign’s ads were described as “clever” and “amazing,” and they were widely considered some of best of 2010. TIME magazine named one ad, “Echo,” the best ad of 2010, and the Brown ads received four “Pollie” awards for excellence in political media.
In 2004, as the National Campaign Manager for Howard Dean’s presidential campaign, Trippi pioneered the use of online technology to organize what became the largest grassroots movement in presidential politics. Through his innovative use of the Internet for small-donor fundraising, “Dean for America” raised more money than any Democratic presidential campaign to that point – all with donations averaging less than $100.
According to The Atlantic magazine, Trippi’s influence on Democratic Party politics has been profound and lasting:

“The small dollar Internet donor base attracted by Dean and flogged relentlessly by Trippi has transformed the party’s fundraising. Every single campaign uses Trippi-patented tactics to raise money. The men and women Joe Trippi cultivated in Dean’s staff have stormed the gates and occupy positions of power in major party and campaign offices.”

Trippi and his team pioneered the empowerment message and the online community tools that President Barack Obama used, which inspired a movement of supporters and has now become the basis for movement politics all around the world.
Trippi has an extensive international resume. In 1993, he worked for then-PASOK leader Andreas Papandreou’s successful campaign of Prime Minister of Greece, as well as for his son, George Papandreou in 2007. Trippi advised former British Prime Minister Tony Blair during his successful election. In 2006, he worked for Romano Prodi on his winning race for Prime Minister of Italy. In 2008, Trippi helped Morgan Tsvangirai and the Movement for Democratic Change receive the most votes and helped garner international media attention to Robert Mugabe’s democratic subversion and violence. These efforts led to a ‘unity’ government and Tsvangirai becoming Prime Minister of Zimbabwe. In 2011, Trippi helped elect Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan.
In 2016, Trippi founded Vanguard Africa, to provide advice and technical support to pro-democracy and anti-corruption candidates. Among other races, as part of the international campaign team, Trippi helped oust Gambia’s dictator, Yahya Jammeh.
In addition to his political work, Trippi has consulted with a number of leading non-profits and corporations including the Humane Society of the United States, the American Cancer Society, Best Friends Animal Society,, Toyota, DaimlerChrysler, SES Americom, Corning, LabCorp, IBM, Lionsgate Films, BestBuy, and Wave Systems.
Trippi is a CNN Contributor and the Author of The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.