Julie Norton

Julie Norton brings more than 25 years of experience helping political campaigns, advocacy groups, corporations and movement organizations develop comprehensive political communications strategies, including producing media to achieve their goals. Her creative and effective work has earned her ten Pollie Awards, including awards for Best Statewide Ballot Initiative Ad, Best Democratic Independent Expenditure DCCC Ad; Use of Humor in Ballot Initiative Campaigns; and Best Use of Negative for a Congressional Campaign.

Julie has served as a leading strategist and consultant for high-profile campaigns across the country, including U.S. Senate races in New Hampshire and Alaska, congressional races in Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, Indiana and Ohio, and state legislative races in Virginia and New Jersey. She helped elect the first Democratic attorney general in Virginia in decades.

Her issue advocacy work includes ballot initiative campaigns in Washington State, Oregon, Nevada, South Dakota and Maine on a range of issues, from reforming gun safety laws to clean elections to food labeling. In Washington State, she played a key role in three hard-fought and successful gun safety ballot initiatives as well as a marriage equality initiative. Julie also advises the Women’s March Foundation, Enough is Enough Voter Project and Fight Back PAC on their strategic plans.